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Photo Booth Equipment

Understanding Photo Booth Equipment. It can be confusing trying to figure out what makes a quality photo booth. not all Photo Booths are created equal, Which you’ll find out the hard way if you don’t ask the right questions, meaning, your vision could be entirely different from what you receive. See the differences.

Start with what kind of Photo Booth you want to rent, Classic, The New Inflatable Photo Booth made in China,” NOT A GOOD CHOICE ” or Joe S moo with his moms webcam, This is my favorite which i have actually seen, it cost the couple $550 they waited 5 minutes for a picture, that’s when it printed. On a personal note, ASK QUESTIONS. The Homemade special built with leftover pieces from the DIY store. Now For The most basic important Things, What Camera does the Photo Booth use? What software does the Photo Booth use, Software Capabilities, PRINTER, this is my favorite, I have seen some terrible printers used, just not suitable for printing hundreds of pictures fast. Here’s a fact a high quality commercial photo booth printer should print a photo strip in less than 12 seconds. If your into long lines skip the above.

Check List: Before You Pay Any Deposit.

Ask questions – Get Contract – Pay Deposit

backdrops, pictured is a typical standard backdrop. Backdrops can be personalized to pretty much any format, depending on your budget. So the Photo Box or a Camera on a tripod would face the backdrop. Usually the difference would be the photo box printer would be much faster in printing photo strips.

Moving on, Ask the right question get the photo booth you want. There really isn’t a standard size for an enclosed mobile photo booth, most professionally manufactured photo booths will be able to adjust size from around 4×4 to 7×7 feet for a good quality photo booth lounge as pictured below.